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Originally Posted by ktmMike View Post
My 990 SM-R gets 110 miles per tank.
That's with Akra cans and Akra map,
constant acceleration, deceleration and gear changes,
on twisty roads only (because that's all we've got), and
rarely ever in 5th or 6th gear, AND rolling into the gas station on nothing but fumes
(if that helps any).

I've never ridden it on a straight highway in top gear for any distance,
so I can't help with that type of mileage.

That being said, my R gastank holds about 3.9 gallons as I understand it.
I think the T has a larger tank, and I have no idea what size gastank is on a
European model 990 Supermoto (non R / non T).

That,s funny! Never even knew about 6th gear,just goes to show how many highways there are around theses parts.
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