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Originally Posted by yokesman View Post
could use some directions on your bike procurement procedures, here in CAL we have a very small field to pick from due to the emissions requirements on newer bikes and all seem to require a business license of sort leaving with having to pay buyers and flyers fees to the tune of 50% of the total , for a $1000 motorcycle.

i can't speak to any issues specific to california, but builder bikes are out there for those willing to spend some time looking. it took me months of poking around on the internet to find the right bike for the right price. the height of the riding season usually isn't the best time to search. i've said it before, but you have to be diligent, know what you're looking for, know what you're looking at when you find it, and have cash in hand to make the deal...generally no second chances on a cheap bike.

in my case on this last build, i had a titled Versys frame located, so i was looking for a really cheap parts bike. i found two bikes, either could have been built as a rat Ninja, and both would have been excellent for that purpose with extra parts that could be sold.

early in the thread was a photo of the parts bike i bought for the V649HP build, and is a good example of what's out there.

2008, less than 1000 miles, cracked generator cover and no battery so i couldn't hear it run, some scrapes, and missing a few parts. purchase price was $750. i wish i would have offered $500, the kid might have taken it, but i knew that the parts i didn't intend to use were worth more than $750 so i didn't feel too bad.

i made the simple repairs to the engine, it started right up, and ran like it had 1000 miles on it...perfect. now i had the frame and the entire engine assembly including all the miscellaneous parts that are common to both Versys and Ninja. at this point, i'm effectively out of pocket only $400 and well on my way towards meeting my $1500 turnkey build budget.

i shopped all the rest of the parts i wanted to the point i was satisfied that that the purchase price was in the cheap category. once again, it's surprising what's out there. some of those cheap used parts can barely be told from new. the parts came from all over, including the UK.

an old photo that has been up before, but if you were standing beside this bike i honestly think you could agree...this is a lot of bike for $1500.

then there's riding it.

so about two weeks after buying the parts bike, i got to thinking about that other bike. i could buy that one for the same price, but the seller had seriously pissed me off. now i'm thinking i should mend that fence and buy that bike too. it only had 3000 miles and the parts alone were worth way more than $750. first i better check around and see if i still find a listing, nope, no longer a for sale listing. what i did find was another listing that was actually an inquiry by a guy trying to find the same seller and bike. someone else had seen the bike listing but had not acted. there's a lesson in there.
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