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Yet a new game to play...

What a great project. I have a 2004 Sporty converted to 1200, with SE bits, Progressive shocks and Intiminators in the front end.
While not super interested in Adventure riding, I have noticed that the Sporty is happier on a gravel road than many acclaimed adventure bikes.
And yes, I would be happier with more suspension travel. But I do ride slow as necessary.

Harleys off road? Well, Peter and Kay Forwood are still circling the globe on their '94 ElectraGlide with 550 000km, having visited EVERY country in the world - the only vehicle of any kind to have done so.
So maybe we will see an ElectraGlide GS?

Before that we had Jack L Bowers and his mate Frank Smith travelling around Australia in 1929 on a Harley with a sidecar before there were any roads. They actually drew the map between Katherine and Darwin.

Harley may have pursued a different marketing theme since then, but then, and now, they build a serious solidly engineered motorcycle. And I am proud to own one.

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