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Originally Posted by Max Kool View Post
Stupid question maybe, but shouldn't we be able to see the spring inside the fork leg here?

The axle was bent, why? missing spring in right leg?

Come to think of it, let's say it WAS missing. Wouldn't that be causing the axle to bend exactly the way we see it in the picture here above?
Nope, no spring should be visable there, whats in there is the damper rod and the ally spacer at the bottom there is a small rebound spring in that section but its trapped between the inner and outer fork so also not visable. The main Spring sits on top of the damper rod in these forks.

I'm betting the cause of the bent axle is the accident caused by the fork leg letting go and nothing else. the design of those legs is not easy to see with the picture, AntiqueWidow could you compare your forks with the other posted in the thread to identify weahter yours are of the early or later design?

Glad i ditched those forks now. Hope you heal well AntiqueWidow
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