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I think, your best bet is it get a trials bike, modify it back to whatever trail ridng you wish to aim for, best bikes for this are the pre 2000, for the gasgas models, IMHO. probably at least that era form most bikes produced then.

Gasgas made (so very few) true trials/trail bikes where they used a top of the frame, gastank and seat for a MX type; bike married to the neck and engine parts of a frame and suspension for a trials bike. That was in 96-98 called the Pampera. I dunno how many made it to the US or canada either. there was a 329 model and 250, last ones were grey, early ones were red and photograph in used condition as PINK, lol. BTW, not that long ago, there was one forsale on

problem is, AFAIK they arent good for either use, the fork rake that is used in trials, is scary at motocross speeds, the supension and frame is lightweight, so I wouldnt enter a stadium cross that is for sure. but I still would own one, I would love to play as I drive to work, in places I probably shouldnt even be thinking of tresspassing on.

Oh, BTW, I have the honda tlr200 (Reflex) and is was more trialsy for that moment in time (86-87). the newer than that era, but older BETA ALPS would be cool as well.

Sherco I thought (via scorpa?) was going to produce a more trials "ish" trail/enduro bike, but AFAIK never took off this last year? or still in developement? Hoping to dominate the enduro cross or something, {excuse my weak memory on this subject, I have general idea of what I may think i read here...) and i assume new prices would be near $8,000 so not the bargain you are probably hoping for.

Try to find a reflex, if nothing else it will make a really nice girlfriend bike, or a potty bike, as I call it, in stock form, not terrible (twinshock type application) with some serious mods.

Search for ITSA (internation twin shock association, I think it is... then you might find more conversion bikes?

But Modern, I just think you would work your but and wallet off, then be handicapped and discouraged if any perception was to use it for trials...

Moto Trials, that it is called now, is at a brink, where they might have to adopt an "enduro" specification class type bike, so we can convert more fellas like you. or at some point (which will never happen I bet) to de-evolutionise the bikes they use for modern trials.

Problem is, the sport is ran and lives (die hard) due to people who eat and sleep trials. MX is the same, the pro's are what at least the 5% that grow up to compete at that level, aspire to day in day out. if they didnt, when things get hard, or weather is not perfect, nobody shows up for an event, or for that matter in trials, will bother to set one up. the guys that would like (actually think they would like) to just come and "putter around on it" always find excuses to not make it to the events, be it "football season, so sunday's out" or kid has x... or old buddies are headed to the hills/racetrack.

I been doing trials for over 30 years, we have to get up at 5 am and make the drive (all Year round, in Kansas) to compete that sunday morning. Ive had 30 riders watch the news, on friday night with forcast for cold, hot, rain, or what have you, and even we left the house in a respectable storm, to end up with the nicest dayfor a trials at the site 177 miles south of my home. My folks, pop who is 75 and still competes, has made this our family outing all these years, for the most part. but my buddies, who have wives and kids that avoid the motorcycle stuff, dont ever make it more than 14 months, because they cant go out with the wife all night sat night, then get up and go, and meet thier own hopes of beating the rest of the families that accept that way of life, lept well last night and cleans thier clocks!

that is dedication, spirit of competition, and love of the fun we have on a trials bike... I can practice for an hour in my 2car wide driveway, and have even more fun, with less than most suburban back yards to practice in/on all week leading up to the event!

Anyway, if the market nich you are trying to sell to, doesnt do the above, realistically I think that might be why there isn't a bike like you are thinking of, as most anyone who knows business, don't see a real market for them!

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