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BikePilot, thanks a lot for the post :)
there'll be a lot of technical aspects I'd need to cover to plan my build. it's at least comforting to know that I won't have to prioritize for large displacements. I was looking at a Gas gas street legal bike (forgot the name) that was only a 125cc 4 stroke and it made me think I got a good chance
I was particularly interested in the exhaust of the 2 strokes and the effects of it towards the power band. I mean you can barely see any expansion chamber there. I'll probably need an engineering course to understand that though heheh...
and a 250 smoker with a 17 hp? must have a crazy amount of torque for trade-off. would love to know how it rides

about taking engines apart. I still doubt it'll pass customs, cause even if it's not going to be for street use, there's a bullshit stigma going around in the law enforcements there that all bikes without papers are assumed to be stolen which makes the owners suspects of GTA. and the government have even made things tighter by banning engine and frame imports. but to be honest, the bureaucracy is too complicated for me to understand and will need a whole new thread just to discuss it hahaha...

Sting, yeah the truth is trials has little to no market in Indonesia and it isn't covered (or even recognized) by the national motoring association. there is a little trials event that a cigarette company runs but it's purely for entertainment purposes.
and I've only recently found out that there are little bike clubs strictly for trials. other than that, the major consensus don't even know what a trial bike is. they'll be amused by it not having a seat, but other than that there's no meaningful market interest. so yeah, there's basically no motive for a trial producer to sell out there :/
I'll be happy enough just to have a home-made trial bike to have fun with :)

Dmay, realistically speaking, and RX engine would be easier to maintain as DT's spares are no longer widely available. but I'll look for a comparison of the two. btw,the pic of the bike I posted earlier was from an RX. It can take an air-cooled YZ125 head without needing to mod.

Lamotovita, whoa is that a S90? wicked cool!

btw fellas, since I already have forks from a KTM525, will that be good for a trials bike? I mean the size/length and is a bit bulky though

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