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I just changed out my touch screen digitizer on my 4 year old Zumo 550.
I was starting to get all the crazy phantom presses, and generally was unable to get to any pages I needed.

On ebay, I ordered from Goodsupply0889 a new 79 X 64.5 digitizer for $29, including shipping. I was pleasantly surprised to receive it in only 7 days to SoCalif. And he included the adhesive tape with it. Good source!

The Zumo came apart easily with a 1.5mm hex, and unlatching the 2 contact leads made the job smoother.
The installation went easily, but you should only razor blade off the old digitizer and glue that sits on the black frame. Do not disassemble the black frame that mates to the steel frame that encases the actual LCD screen. I did take everything apart, but discovered it was difficult to reassemble properly, and was unnecessary.

I very lightly greased the thin rubber gasket and put everything back together carefully in good light.
After booting the Zumo into the calibration mode, I discovered the screen to be nicely sensitive, unlike my original screen.
Now it works better than new, and I am a happy rider once again.
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