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Originally Posted by antiquewidow View Post
I didn't see this mentioned...

I'm not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV...but...

There was a mention of an ER having to do with a cigarette. There was no mention of an ER visit in the OP. I'm not sure it happened.

IF you have not been to a medical facility, my $.02 is to get to one asap. Take lot'sa pics of everything..every road rash mark..every swollen part..and keep the clothes you had on at the time...UNwashed!

Get a copy of the doc's dictation on your visit. That dictation will (damn better should!) be explicit in the detail of every injury. There will be nothing of this sort: 'Patient fell off her kind'a scraped up/banged up.'

If there is NOT an explicit, detailed account of the damage...get to another doc immediately.

If the doc says records are not transcribed anymore, keep digging. Your doc/the ER doc may use voice recognition in the EMR (electronic medical record) process, but there is a medical record with a detailed account of your injuries.

GET IT! Make absolutely sure everything in it is correct..AND that everything IS in it.

..and every other similar record pertaining to follow-up visits for this accident.

Keeping a diary/log about it wouldn't be a bad idea. Two-three years from now, nothing will beat a daily log with inputs like: 'This is the fifth day I've awakened with a severe headache. Same as the ealier four days since the BMW fell apart.'

Absolutely beats (same time frame):

'What other injuries did you have?'

'I had a headache for awhile after the bike fell apart!.'

'For how long?'


Hope you heal body and spirit.

Get back on that horse (OK...some OTHER horse) and ride!
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