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Call for Skipro... Skipro to the white courtesy phone.

Showa has made millions of forks over the last 50+ years and how many of them have you seen break off like this?

I've been riding since 1967 and I've never seen any breakage like that except on these BMW's.

Do you suppose that Showa is making these forks to BMW's design and bid specs?

Do you think that BMW went to Showa and asked for the best forks they can make for use on a world traveling adventure bike that is the flagship of the marque, or is it possible that they wanted the cheapest possible thing to stick on their entry level, low end machine, and betting that most buyers won't ever ride it hard enough to stress them (and that's why the slightest flaw in casting or machining results in catastrophic failure)?

You are damn right that riding can be dangerous, and that's why it's a really bad idea to use the brands historical reputation for extreme durability and quality to sell an inferior piece of crap to unsuspecting noobs (like you perhaps?) who are paying a premium price that implies fine German engineering!

You strike me as the kind of person who might like to invest in a deal I have for some waterfront property in the Everglades at an especially good price, just for you!

PS for ChiTown; "and agreed with the outcome of the investigation"
What was the outcome? Did they find that the crossover brake hose was prone to catch on the knobby and throw you to the ground?
How many fork failure crashes are there that we don't hear about?
If a GS crashes in the forest and nobody hears it, did it really happen?
If you weren't wearing a helmet cam, would BMW have told you "Saugt, um Sie!"?

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