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Road and Trail runners racing thread

Hey folks. I really dont have any friends that like to run, so I hope I can talk with you guys when I have some questions.

Im about to make the transfer from 5k racess to 10k races. I have hopes to run an all trail half marathon October 1st. Currently I am running about 6 miles with a slowly and steady weekely gain.

I run my 5k in the 25 range, but am cutting time each race. When is a good time to step up to the 10k race? I think im ready. Im not the fastest, but would like to go further to get in better shape and prepare myself for my half October 1st.

Ive lost 55 pounds since Febuary 14th 11, and started running to help in my weight loss. I find myself really enjoying it and almost feel hooked to it. A short time ago, I had a pretty bad case of "runners knee", but it completely cleared up with a new pair of shoes properly fitted and Orage Super Feet, so I think my body is doing great with the running.

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