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Originally Posted by BreakNeckSpeed View Post

A buddy of mine showed me this road that runs around the rim of the
gorge. It's called Kistler Memorial Highway, NC 1238. It is recomended for off road capable vehicles only and a blast to ride!

Mmmm, love the old RT. Had one back in the day.

Anyway, go for it. Summer weekends with blue skies bring out the RVs and minivans... can't be avoided. Maybe more traffic than in the fall but at least it'll be moving. The leaf peepers, on the other hand, stop right in the middle of the road and ooh and aah as if no one else cares.
Aside: I flew into a BRP tunnel near Cherokee once only to have my headlight reflect on a car stopped in my lane. No lights... nothing. They were just sitting there enjoying the dark and quiet, I guess. Barely missed 'em. Glad no one was coming the other direction. Point being, even though the BRP is naturally relaxing, don't lose your focus.
If you're lucky, it'll be on the rainy side and you'll have the whole thing mostly to yourself. No two BRP rides are exactly the same, if you pay attention. And I don't know of a better place to get stuck in traffic.
Enjoy the ride.
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