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Originally Posted by ChiTown View Post

BTW, we have a 2011 BMW G650GS in the garage with 2500 miles on it... it's been beaten many times off road, two up, etc.... no problems besides broken hand levers...
Great bike, and looking forward to many fun miles on it, even with these nasty photos.
Firstly, sorry to hear about the crash and scary pics, my GS is 2 weeks old!

I am pleased though to see Chitowns response as this shows that not all the G's have dodgy forks. Mine has 500km on and I will be checking my forks for any issues however it is reassuring to see that thier one hasnt broken after 2500 moderate offroad miles.

I have read the whole thread and will have to reread it however was the fork failure the actual definate cause of the crash or was it an affect of the crash? As one poster notes the axle looks bent (or is it just the angle of the pic), I expect this happened as a result of the crash as I cant see it would have been able to be ridden like that.

Bike with only 95 miles on in my opinion would have new tyres that still need to have great care taken especally with a new rider.

The earlier fork issues were from memory pre 2003. Since then the F650 single has travelled many thousands of miles in the remaining 7 years of production and I am not aware that the issue reappered on the twin spark models.

I also will be interested to see what the dealer and BMW and the traffic authority report back on this, which I assume they are aware and have had an opportunity to investigate ?
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