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"I am pleased though to see Chitowns response as this shows that not all the G's have dodgy forks. Mine has 500km on and I will be checking my forks for any issues however it is reassuring to see that thier one hasnt broken after 2500 moderate offroad miles.

I have read the whole thread and will have to reread it however was the fork failure the actual definate cause of the crash or was it an affect of the crash? As one poster notes the axle looks bent (or is it just the angle of the pic), I expect this happened as a result of the crash as I cant see it would have been able to be ridden like that."

Chitown didn't seem to grasp the concept that (A) non-defective forks never break like that, even when slammed down from a great height or at speed into something solid (B) the OP wasn't going fast and didn't hit anything.

You can "check" your forks all day long, and maybe it will help you maintain a mental security blanket to assuage your nagging fear that you may have spent a pile of money on an inferior product that could get you killed. The hard truth is that unless you take them apart and conduct electronic or radiographic NDT, you have no idea if you are the poor Joe who happened to get the bad part. The outrage here is the forks are so very minimally adequate, that the slightest flaw in the casting or machining can result in CATASTROPHIC failure!

You might not know any better, but I guaran-damn-tee you that the engineers and management at BMW do... and THAT'S unexcusable!
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