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I don't know where I picked it up, but I don't have to be trained on what's behind me.

I guess it was all those years of working on a road and having rule #1 drilled into me. NEVER, Never ever ever turn your back to traffic...

But then I moved here and it's like all the rules one should know, are thrown right out the window with the "I'll just hire a lawyer" mentality.

I've never seen or thought ppl could do and get away with the things they do here till I saw it with my own two eyes... Man, the stories I could tell.

Bottom line, keep your head moving "Head on a gimbal" and never ever ever assume someone will be looking out for you.

After all, to them that's what lawyers are for.

EDIT: And oh, if I was Mr. Limp Dick Ford Ranger man, I'da assumed a protective position with my truck as a buffer, before the biker...

Thata way, if an errant car was to come it'd hit my truck instead. Fkn people
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