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You can "check" your forks all day long, and maybe it will help you maintain a mental security blanket to assuage your nagging fear that you may have spent a pile of money on an inferior product that could get you killed. The hard truth is that unless you take them apart and conduct electronic or radiographic NDT, you have no idea if you are the poor Joe who happened to get the bad part. The outrage here is the forks are so very minimally adequate, that the slightest flaw in the casting or machining can result in CATASTROPHIC failure!

You might not know any better, but I guaran-damn-tee you that the engineers and management at BMW do... and THAT'S unexcusable![/QUOTE]

I fully agree that it is UNEXCUSABLE, I bought a BMW due to the fact that they were durable; and it was an enduro meant for country roads etc. Was I ever so wrong.

Whether this be a one time incident or the twelve doesnt matter. What does matter is that this happened in the first place. And not only to me but many previous.

There is no excuse that a $9400 vehicle with 95 miles meant to be ridden off n on the road should have this type of fork issue at all.

Those who pad their pocket at the cost of others lives should be ASHAMED of themselves.

To all the G650Gs owners out there, I wrote this board in good faith to for worn you that this has happened to me and to be careful and please check your forks during pre inspection... I did not want to see it happening again. I unlike others was thinking of someone other than myself. I also wanted to write about my first accident (the first down ) - as so many of you have.

I am totally disgusted with the pointing of the fingers, the in your window accusations etc that have been directed at me thru this post.

Although it was a low speed incident - it was one that has caused tremendous emotional & physical damage to me. No I didnt break any bones but that doesnt make it any easier or any less hurtful.

I too loved my BMW G650GS and was very proud to of owned one BUT after this incident and what I have learned -- I will NEVER EVER own another BMW bike again...Especially knowing all that I know now.
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