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Originally Posted by squonker View Post
I like it. Tell me more about the bike, I'm having to live vicariously through those that already own an XC until I can have my own....

This is a copy and paste of my first impressions:

More thoughts about the bike. I went for a "spirited" ride up to Bogus Basin. I don't have any chicken strips left and the tires are completely scrubbed of their newness. This thing handles like a sport bike. The turn in is a little slower, but it just holds a line. Transitions from side to side are very fun! I would consider this bike "flickable" considering it's wet weight. Oh my God this engine is just fantastic!!! I can not rave enough about it!! I am completely hooked on the triple sound. Ryan, after I get an exhaust on it, I might even like it a little better than your 950 with the Remus. And that's saying a lot cause the Remus sounded soooooo good. But it'll be damn close.

The standing position is good. Bars could be 1/2" or 1" higher. There's plenty of stock cable length to make that happen. You can see right out over the front of the bike. Totally different view than standing on the KLR. Harder to hold on though!!!

I screwed around in the dirt parking lot at Bogus for awhile. I made it barely to 100 miles before I got it dirty. The power is going to be completely manageable off road. Wheel spin, yes. But fun and controllable. I'm guessing my first knobbie won't make it to 1000 miles.

I got going about 60 and grabbed the front and back brakes as hard as I could. The ABS KICKS ASS!!!! It dropped my jaw how quickly I was able to stop in dirt with essentially street tires on. It was amazing! I think I will run off road with the ABS on, except for steep downhills where I need to lock the ass up. It'll be an ongoing experiment. But, I was thoroughly impressed with the system. Nothing scary about it at all. The bike just tracked straight and came to a stop waaaay sooner than I thought it would. When I do need to turn it off, I believe it is only three button pushes and it's disabled. Easy.

The suspension is stiff out of the box. I haven't played with any adjustments and it needs to be broken in. Sasquatch and I are going to do a lot of learning and work in this area. Stay tuned... It's great on the road!

Have I talked about the engine yet? I think I may have mentioned it. WOW!!!!!! I haven't talked about the low end. In first gear, I can apply the front brake and slow the bike down to three or four miles an hour and the r's are at a little less than 1k. No sputtering or chugging. Let off the brake and grab some throttle and the r's just climb with out any lugging of any kind. Then it hits the power band and hold on! It throws your butt into the raised pillion. Smiles for miles!!

The seat is really comfortable in it's stock form. I remember riding the F800 for 15 miles and shifting around. I was really excited for that test ride cause at the time (January) I thought it was going to be my next bike. I got off the F800 after the test ride and went "Meh. Did not meet expectations." Then I read about this bike. It hadn't even been released yet. Then I kept reading and doing internet sleuthing to find more info. I knew the Triumph was the right choice.

The only thing that bugs me a bit is a characteristic of the fuel injection. When you let off the throttle, it really lets off and rocks into the deceleration stance. Holding a steady speed will take some practice. I am sure this will become a non issue after some miles pass by.

I came home in the dark tonight. The headlights are amazing! They are brighter than the HIDs in my Acura. Unless you were doing some serious off roading at night, PIAAs are a waste of money. Don't need em on this bike. They look pretty cool. But not 600 dollars worth of cool when the stock headlamps are so good.

I am simply giddy with this purchase. No buyers remorse here! I think I am going to have the perfect trio of bikes. The Triumph for road trips, good gravel highways, and some rough stuff here or there. I wouldn't have any issues taking this up Trinity or doing Fisher Creek single track. I'd take it into Louie Lake once I got some experience on it. For stuff like that I am going to get the KLX functional though. The KLX will be a great bike to do things of that nature which aren't too far away. Then the CRF. Man I love that bike too! Keepin that one for winter OHV area riding and the occasional mid week evening romp out Blacks Creek/Danskin. The KLR will be sold. I have put many memorable miles on her and built my experience and confidence. But, that is one too many bikes to insure.
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