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[QUOTE=lemieuxmc;16271901]"I am pleased though to see Chitowns response as this shows that not all the G's have dodgy forks. Mine has 500km on and I will be checking my forks for any issues however it is reassuring to see that thier one hasnt broken after 2500 moderate offroad miles.

Sorry but I stand by this comment, as you point out I have invested my money in this bike and I am looking for reassurance that not all the forks have this fault. Chitowns response clearly proves they are not all faulty. And yep I agree one is unacceptable but it doesnt need to have every G owner that has bought one so far left in a field of FUD.

Chitown didn't seem to grasp the concept that (A) non-defective forks never break like that, even when slammed down from a great height or at speed into something solid (B) the OP wasn't going fast and didn't hit anything.

The axle on this wheel is bent, you bend your axle on your Suzuki/Harley whatever to that angle and something will give at the weakest point.

My concern here would be first, is how did the axle bend. Some have said becuase it had the weight on it..that would hold true if the other side was bent as the left side as far as we can see is still atttached, thus has the full weight of the bike. I am not an engineer so no doubt will be shot down.. but surely the end with the solid held point not the floating point would be the side that bends as the weight pushes the bike to the right which has no support?

I would be asking the dealer how was this bike in pre delivery check? was the axle bent (was it even tested?) then if it was this would have put extreme pressure on the fork. Was the bike carted using tie downs anywhere in transit and were they over tightened or poorly placed which may have caused extreme pressure ..enough to bend the axle?

Does the owner have picutres of the bike pre accident?, particulaly the right front wheel.
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