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Originally Posted by eepeqez View Post
The price of the bike and the mileage are irrelevant; a 10 year old Chinese pit bike bought for $200 should not have this kind of fork issue. It is avoidable and completely unacceptable.

It is also undoubtedly a mistake.

Because I can assure you as an engineer, that no one at BMW or anywhere else, knowingly designs a vehicle component which will fail in such a way.

No one set out to "pad their pocket" at your expense.

It has been said that an engineer is someone who can make for one dollar what any fool can make for two dollars.

Very very occasionally we stuff up; we introduce some unforeseen failure mode.

This is what vehicle recalls are for.

No one wants recalls, but we want a world that doesn't do recalls when necessary even less.

There's been lots of speculation here about the cause of your failure and quite a bit of blame flinging, but now its got a NHSTA number, you can be assured that if there is an underlying systematic fault, it will eventually result in a recall and replacement of suspect parts.

Rather than swearing off of BMWs generally because of your experience, perhaps you should look at the recall rates of the available vehicle manufacturers and swear off of those who have the highest rates?

Or perhaps consider how many BMW forks have broken unexpectedly in the manner that yours has versus how many have been mashed or otherwise run down by errant car drivers, and recognise that your own riding and the drivers around you are far greater sources of danger than this very rare catastrophic failure.

I can understand a reluctance to ride on the same design of fork before we've reached an understanding of why yours failed, but not an outright rejection of all products from one of the world's better vehicle manufacturers.
The problem I have with your post and what ought to be a reasonable position from you, is that this is not a new issue, nor is it a one-time event. Enough people have encountered this that it's got a thread of its own down in Thumpers, and BMW quietly introduced a redesigned fork slider a number of years back that seemed to fix it for the old F650GS. And yet, the problem appears to rear its ugly head again with a new version of the bike.

This makes no sense. Maybe the engineers need to build the things for a buck fifty instead of a dollar, because something has gone wrong either with the models used for analysis or with the process used to manufacture the parts.
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