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Hacking West by West: The TATů.

TAT-the Return

If you are reading this site for the first time…you may want to read the beginning on this page….OR for those who have followed my TAT reports in 2011, you can skip and see me re-do the TAT on page 7/#95

Report #1 through #95 were written in the summer 2011 where I attempted the TAT from Jellico, TN but bailed because of some phantom back problems and the call of “home” became too strong.
I am making another attempt at the TAT, from a “new” Tennessee-TAT trail head starting out of Tellico Plains, TN and will report from #95 of last years’ “unfinished” report. Hope you’ll come along again for my renewed La Vida Loca Adventure of 2012. Eh, always need my adventure ride fix!


Fashback: August 2010…

Always wanted to run the TAT on 2 wheels with a couple of deaf guys.

In 2010…within one day of our departure with my riding partner I injured my back and the trip was abruptly cancelled. After seeing the Doc who suggested/ ordered: no twisting, no jacking; no picking up a fallen bike, no jumping, etc, etc. Knowing how disappointed I was he suggested that maybe an ATV or similar would do better if I still was game to do the TAT. I mentioned my Hack, presto… got the stamp of approval.

Within a week my previous riding partner agreed to give it another shot and we met up in Jellico, TN. He on his KTM and me on my Hack…. off we went…then.. !! make a long story short the trip again didn’t materialize either. After an eventful first run I limped home and vowed to do it again in 2011.

Fast forward: 2011

So now….motorcycle physical done by Capitol BMW; 3 new tires mounted; bike and Hack stripped to bare bones; gotten in shape at the gym; doctor’s physical done and passed. I am once again on the road, this time trying to do the TAT (Trans America Trail) from Jellico, TN to ?????.... solo and via Hack.

This whole TAT obsession all started after having traveled through Trans USA/Canada, (TLH)Trans Labrador Highway-Newfoundland, Alaska and again Newfoundland that I had to add the TAT to my bucket list!

A lot of TAT “Ride Reports” have been reported every year. TAT traffic chatter is already picking up on ADV. You also probably know by now after reading some of these many TAT stories on ADV-rider’s “Ride Report” site that the route runs across the United States via a few paved roads then mostly dirt/ gravel roads, forest roads, farm/ranch roads, mountain roads and desert trails. It drops down into dried up creek beds, fords streams, crosses rain gullies and runs atop abandoned railroad grades; climbs mountain passes…sinks into powdered sand trails….crosses cattle guards and bridges. It tries to be an unforgiving obstacle course…an Adventure in its finest…… testing Man and Machine!

Originally, I had planned to get some more guys of my age group together to ride the whole TAT from Jellico, Tennessee to the beach of Port Orford, Oregon but of course as always a few guys were interested, then as time went by during the past winter, spring and early summer months numerous frivolous excuses emerged. I could wait no longer, age doesn’t wait? ….

So let Walt Whitman echo:

Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing;
Strong and content I travel the open road.”

Purchased Sam’s maps and roll charts in early 2010. Dutifully entered decade old and new updated directions as ”tracks” and some routes onto Garmin’s Map-Source; transferred them to the GPS and read every imaginable TAT- rr. Taking along roll charts and maps for primary navigation, GPS for secondary navigation, just in case??

A huge THANK YOU to all ADV inmates who provided me with the inspiration to do the TAT: Dr.Rock, Bigdog/Gaspipe; Questor/MotoAdventuregal; Ghilly, XC Rider, Mr. Cob, RDS, Notar and Vinnie the Snake, …plus so many others to whom I am no less thankful for…. that wrote about their experiences and suggestions on the trail. Not only were they most entertaining but provided a huge amount of information for planning the trip. You can see why I am rearing to go? I got TAT’erized! Their TAT stories are often the motivation to get an oldie off his arse and onto some trails and it’s the TAT trail I chose..

I am in Jellico, TN now and will start the first phase tomorrow and also realize that I am on my own: that is; a deaf senior citizen!

Come on ya’ll and tag along in your arm chair; chuckle; send advice; write encouragements; if you’re on the TAT and ahead and you’re reading this, send me some info to my RR… as I need them along the beaten trail of roads less traveled?
I will try going "live" with daily trip reports whenever internet is available.

SO….. if I am in your locality and you see a Hack of red and yellow colors coming your way…give me a wave or shout..if I don’t reply;…. THAT’S ME!!..........come on over and tap me on the shoulder!


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