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Originally Posted by rowingdude View Post
Oh, I also wanted to ask if I'd be able to survive with a street bike in MX and Belize? I've got a line on a cheapish (~$1000 EX500) and I was thinking that would be suitable.

I have some photos someplace of a guy from the Netherlands who was touring the world. I met him in Florida but he had been in deep mud in Africa. Moral of the story is that he was riding some sort of go-fast bike (Yamaha I think) with a huge custom-made box for his luggage behind the rider's position.

Most of us find dual purpose bikes to be the way to go, but ultimately you'll make it work.

And all of the major roads in Mexico are paved to the Belizian border.

The one thing that I do have to say is that my skid plate on a BMW GS gets a workout when I get off the pavement and into parking lots, Pemex stations, and that sort of thing. And I know from experience around here that a BMW K1200LT really doesn't have enough ground clearance to keep from being high-sided over some obstacles in the street (like topes) so other street bikes may be problematic.
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