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"The price of the bike and the mileage are irrelevant; a 10 year old Chinese pit bike bought for $200 should not have this kind of fork issue. It is avoidable and completely unacceptable."

"It is also undoubtedly a mistake

We all understand that BMW has sold thousands of these bikes and only a few have had the axle mount snap off the fork casting.

Most Ford Pintos didn't explode into a fireball when rear ended.

Most 737's didn't have a problem with the horizontal trim jack screw.

Most women didn't get Toxic Shock Syndrome from tampons.

Most children didn't get strangled in drop side cribs.

Most drunk drivers don't kill people.

Would you fly an airline with a 99.9% safety record (whose tickets cost way more than the other airlines)?

Truly, you should have known...

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