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One does need to drive on a well maintained dirt/gravel road up and over a pass to get the egg. However, I passed minivans with child seats in back and a grandma driving a Volkswagen station wagon, so I have faith that all of you can make it. I went up and down at a reasonable speed with a Tourance on the back that has 14K miles behind it.

If you're really adventurous, you can find a series of un-maintained gravel/dirt fire roads that run between Cosby and the Cataloochee Valley. At least two water crossings in there and I recommend knobbies.

Alright, here is the tag shot, somewhere in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park:

The building in the background is this chapel:

I realized after I took the tag shot that there is a gate about 1/2 mile before the chapel (right in front of a small ranger station) which makes the chapel only accessible from 8am to sunset, so if you grab the tag after those hours, take a picture at the Cataloochee entrance sign, but you still have to go down into the valley to get the egg:

The location of the egg will be in the next post....

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