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Originally Posted by HerrMnnn View Post
I'm about to order a Garmin 60csx from ebay, and was getting excited about an upcoming Flinders trip so started working on some routes.

In the past I have used Google Maps to work out a route, then saved it as a kml and converted to a gpx file (as a track). It would autoroute from one town to the next, then I'd modify the route onto minor tracks that looked interesting or that I knew. This seemed to work ok, opened in Mapsource with Shonky or Tracks4Aus, so I assumed I could just upload the tracks to my new gps and it would ensure I was going in the right direction.

However, Google Maps has apparently been "upgraded", and it will no longer route onto minor (dirt) roads. It insists on major bitumen roads, unless I switch to walking mode, which doesn't have any option to save the maps. In other words it's useless now.

So what I want is a map set that I can load in Mapsource, which will allow me to:

a. Search for towns or road names, and set waypoints
b. Draw a route from waypoint to waypoint, sticking to the roads I choose (not that it chooses) ie snap to the road, not just a straight line between waypoints.
c. Save as a track and upload to GPS

What is the best option for doing this? From my searches and reading of threads Oztopo won't autoroute, so will Garmin Topo Australia do this? Are there any other options?
You say you are making routes, then saving and loading as tracks, but then talk of autorouting, which only occurs with routes. I think you are confusing the issue by using the terminology as if it were interchangeable. Which it isn't.

Routes are for autorouting
Tracks don't autoroute

A route won't work with non-autorouting software (mapping).

Can you clarify whether you want/need autorouting? This makes the big difference.
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