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Originally Posted by GodSilla View Post
You say you are making routes, then saving and loading as tracks, but then talk of autorouting, which only occurs with routes. I think you are confusing the issue by using the terminology as if it were interchangeable. Which it isn't.

Routes are for autorouting
Tracks don't autoroute

A route won't work with non-autorouting software (mapping).

Can you clarify whether you want/need autorouting? This makes the big difference.
Sorry, it made sense in my head - I do understand (I think) the difference between routes and tracks.

I want to auto-route in Mapsource, so the route sticks to the roads. I then want to be able to modify the route to take in certain back roads. I want it to stick to the new roads I choose. This is instead of drawing a track freehand with the mouse, it's too slow and my hand/eye coordination isn't that good. Basically, I want it to work just like using Google Maps to plan a route. Auto-route between two towns, then drag the route to roads other than those chosen by the software.

I then want to save it as a track (I do that now with GPSBabel - converting Google Maps routes to tracks), load the track in the GPS, and follow it. I DON'T want it to auto-route while I'm riding. I have Copilot Live on my phone (offline maps) if I need to autoroute through a town etc.

I've found a workaround with Google Maps, that, although not very elegant, works ok. It would be nice to have a simpler method though, and Google Maps still won't let me onto some minor trails, even in walking mode.

In Topo Australia, is it possible to save a route as a track, or will I need to use GPSBabel to convert it? Or is this not possible?
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