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Originally Posted by Zachsv View Post
Wow terrible to hear, but one of the things that would keep me from doing this is going solo. I'm in Wilmington nearly every other weekend (will be there this weekend, camping on Masonboro Island probably). In a year or so I hope that I can save money, sell of non essentials, quit my job and ride the TAT, but would absolutely need a partner for the trip. It would drive me into depression and madness to do the trip alone, two things I don't approve of! haha

Safe travels back to town. If you see a naked blue SV650 with 40lbs of camping gear on the back, shoot me a honk haha

Also, one of my biggest reasons for wanting to go is to photograph the country...something I've dreamed and shoot, travel and shoot. One thing I'm awful at is stopping to smell the roses and shoot some 'fine art'. Been trained my entire life to be a man and that men don't stop on a trip till we get there or we need gas lol. Thanks Dad. Would definitely want to partner up with someone who appreciated the sunsets, rolling hills and wandering cattle.
I am still keen in running the TAT after I am a bit more healthy and would welcome to tag along with you...two photographers would make an enourmous contribution to mapping the TAT in it's finest.
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