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Originally Posted by chipgibbs View Post
These are just part of my collection, Ive been shooting and collecting airguns for 35 years. I own a cronograph and none of these high powered air rifles gets 1200 feet per second. Very few spring piston rifles shoot in that range unless they are dieseling. Just my 2 cents

Feinwerkbeau 124 D Custom Stock, Custom Barrel, Paul Watts tune

Air Arms TX200 Mk III Maccari Stock, Paul Watts Tuned

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Chip, real nice collection you have there. Used to drool over the Feinwerkbeau's top end models as a young adult, just couldn't afford them. I have owned numerous Beeman break barrel springers and the only one of them I was comfortable shooting ground squirrels with was the R10 in .20 cal and would drop a squirrel dead cleanly. Most the .177 calibre, especially high FPS versions are piss-poor at stopping small game as even blunt or semi-hollowpoint pass right through with little stopping power. Several years ago I made the big purchase, at least for my cheap ass, and bought a Webley FX2000. This is a precharged eight shot bolt action repeater with drop in load carriers. I had it tuned slightly hotter and in .22 cal get a good 28 shots of 920 fps before I need to pump it back up. With a silencer on it makes for enjoyable outing staking out the ground squirel lairs littering the fields around here. The precharged are nice in that there is no recoil to speak of and accuracy is very good. I bought four drop in cartridges so I can go right through my shots in no time at all, then reload the cartridges and recharge the gun. I would highly suggest Pyramid Air as I have had nothing but good experiences with those folks.

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