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I test rode both and preferred the SMT. FWIW, I'd say my useage breakdown is very similar to yours as well.
  • The KTM is noticeably lighter, and is easier to ride IMO. I weighed mine at 466 lbs with a full tank of fuel. The lightness, flickability, and super light (I mean really light) clutch make commuting and city riding very easy.
  • The MTS has more power in Touring or Sport mode, but the SMT has plenty (~105hp at the wheel) for all riding conditions, so no loss IMO. Both are excellent in this regard.
  • The KTM's throttle response is a bit more abrupt than the Ducati's, but I don't think it's bad. Some people are bothered by it.
  • The KTM's suspension is superior to the base model MTS, but not quite as nice as the Ohlins on the S/T model Ducatis.
  • The SMT comes with smallish bags, whereas only the T model MTS comes with bags. Both have aftermarket options.
  • The MTS probably gets better mileage. My SMT gets ~30 mpg in town, and ~40 mpg on the highway or twisties. I've heard the MTS's are getting mid-40s.
Both are great bikes in the end, so you really can't go wrong. The SMT is a much simpler machine, without any ABS (2010 model, like mine), traction control, ride modes, electronic adjustable suspension, etc. I preferred the simplicity. The SMT also just fits me better (I'm 5'-9", with 32" inseam). It's a bit tall, but otherwise feels like it was custom made for me. I've ridden both back-to-back, and I was very happy to get back on my's just more fun and easier to ride IMO.
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