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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
Disclaimer: I've been in Peru, not Mexico, in the last month, so I have no first hand knowledge of this seemingly recent change to vehicle bonding for the TVIP.

Past practice was to "cover" the potential "penalty" with a credit card per the fee schedule posted a few clicks back. Your credit card was "pinged" but not actually charged until the end of the valid period with no turn-in. I never really understood the business practice behind that since technically you could use your card to obtain the TVIP and then cancel your credit card it if you had no intention on clearing Mexico with the TVIP and the bike.

All this said, if they've abandoned the credit card system for a cash system of bonding the bike, good for them. I have no idea whats going on but if all this is as it appears from the few posts I've read, Banjercito Mexico is saying "screw it" to the credit card system and now bonding vehicles in cash. Maybe they're saying you have to pay up front to play, or so it seems.

As a business model, if I had a bunch of people stiff me for the vehicle bond I too would go to a cash system. We here in the U.S. pay estimated taxes to the IRS in advance in certain instances, and we also pay capital gains but don't get credit on capital losses. The process sucks but good luck fighting the U.S. Governments business model. In other words, if this is indeed the new way of bonding bikes to travel Mexico, either get with it and get over it, or stay home. Your choice. Pretty much the same deal as in parsing through all the "news" about what's going on in Mexico. Stay home or play, your choice.
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What's everyone whining about anyway, it's only a deposit that you get back if you abide by the rules. Geez get a life.
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