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well today my beer was a little warm (the 4th is just another day to the locals), the waves are kinda flat and it rained the sky MUST be falling.

Originally Posted by Tall Man View Post
This is from a friend in the international security business:

"... just got back from a security detail in Ciudad Juarez.

Guns there are in the hands exclusively of the most violent, while genuinely good people are prohibited from possessing them. And, when BHO claims to worry about 'militarizing the border,' he needn't. It is already the most militarized border in this Hemisphere. Only the USA is (voluntarily) unrepresented!

Driving in from El Paso, travelers are greeted by a barrage of signs, in English and Spanish, warning that firearms are prohibited, and stiff prison sentences will be imposed upon any who dare try to have some means of self-protection. But, in this region where violent death exceeds levels in Kabul and Baghdad combined, one can only wonder who are obeying this no-gun rule!

Legal ownership of guns in Mexico, by normal citizens, is nearly impossible. However, everywhere you turn, police and military troops are armed to the teeth. Meanwhile, equally well-armed cartel members, in contemptuous defiance of government and the law, create fake military road blocks in an effort to steal SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles, always (your guessed it!) at gunpoint.

Military personnel, thanks to HK's transparent magazines, obviously carry fully-charged magazines, unlike our own military who, when deployed to aid civil authority, carry empty guns. I'm not sure what they think they're going to learn from us!

Cartel violence is now expanding into Reynosa and Monterrey.

I continue to warn prospective travelers to avoid all border areas, indeed avoid the entire country!"

Comments: Blundering, incompetent, dishonest governments, on both sides of the border, make this terrible situation more-or-less permanent. The safety and welfare of good and decent citizens is positively the last thing either government apparently ever worries about!

As individuals, all of us need to understand that we are the only ones who care about the future of this civilization. The shrewd, pro-active, suspicious, and well-prepared might live to see it.

Few of the rest have much chance!
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