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Originally Posted by jphish View Post
Nice write up! I agree with your assessment of GS / XC comparo. My buddy & I did Hell's Canyon trip a few weeks ago - swapped bikes for awhile. The GS does have the dirt 'edge' (and a pretty well sorted adventure machine) - but at about 75 / 25 pavement to dirt average - I prefer my Tiger. He had TKCs, I'm running K-60s - so some advantage to GS in his tire selection. Though he darn near used up the TKC rear up on the trip - my K-60 is just barely down to the center 'stripe'. We were trying to make it from Oly Wa to Imnaha Or, on almost exclusively USFS / BLM roads - but many, at above 5,000 ft, were still closed due to snow. So lots of detours on to paved secondary roads. I also have the "clunk" on the washboard / pot holed stuff - also thought centerstand, but after securing with zip tie - clunk still present. ??? After 3,000 mi, I'm getting around 48 mpg loaded - with me (170#) plus about 80# of camping / fishing gear. So figure about 250# load. What Rack system did you use to mount your 'Jessies' ? I have stock Triumph side cases - they're OK, but bounce around alot on dirt roads, will eventually swap for Holans, TraX or Jessies, not sure yet. Unlike you, I did have a 'tip over' while trying to remove unsecured Nylon strap from chain / sprocket. (One stupid error, compounded by another, on my part !!) The stock engine protection bars did their job - no damage - other than a few very minor cosmetic scratches on the plastic around top of tank. It was in damp dirt, so fortunately, not a hard landing. All in all - I'm very pleased with XC - much more capable than it's rider, in this case. I had a 650 KLR, ST1300, Uly, & 955 Tiger (all sold in last 3 months) Was trying to get down to 1 "do all" motorcycle with the XC - but have decided, for the present at least, to keep my 06' Girlie, shod with Anakees, for the long, mostly pavement, trips. It's a great road bike! Plus... the only thing better than 1 Tiger, is 2.
That's great mileage, I wonder if your elevation is helping with that? Seems like folks are getting better gas mileage if they're at higher elevations. Here in the midwest it averages around 1000' asl. The Jesse panniers are attached to the Jesse racks, it all comes as a kit. Tough stuff. The racks would work good with soft bags as well.

On the clacking noise... take a look and see if you think on yours it could still be the centerstand making noise, not where it hits the stop (which you and I have both eliminated by zip tying) but rather where it pivots by the footpegs? PM me with what you think. My current theory is that there is too much clearance at the pivots, allowing the stand to move a little on hits causing the metal-on-metal sound. I just haven't taken the time to pull the stand completely off to test my theory yet... no idea how to fix it if it is.
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