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Originally Posted by bross View Post
And we are all different. Heat doesn't bother me but my wife has a hard time when it gets really hot. She used to get cooked on her Ninja but I didn't feel it. Leather is key if you're at all bothered by heat. It will protect you from the heat and still breathe. Textile pants don't protect you from the heat and can even make it feel more extreme. Jeans are just as bad. I still wear my chaps left over from my cruiser days a lot on hot days, simply because they work and I haven't found a better alternative, yet.
I completely buy into this now. My T800XC is by far the hottest bike for the rider I've owned or ridden in over about 90 degree heat. That said, it made a huge difference over the weekend when I was wearing my Klim pants, which have some leather panels on the lower legs. I never really noticed the heat blowing over my legs like I do with jeans and could only really feel something when it was slow going and I was gripping the frame with the inside of my legs. The frames rails on the right are freakin hot. I never tired touching it with my bare hand, but with how it felt through the pants, it would probably borderline burn skin.
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