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Originally Posted by tpulls View Post
The XC that I test rode had the same stalling issue as shown in that video. Happened when I would twist the throttle fairly quickly like that. If I slowly twisted the throttle on it wouldn't stall. I figured an updated fuel map from the dealer would fix it, but maybe it's something else then?

I thought about the TPS being out of position so I made sure i gave it no gas when I fired it up. Still happened.
I've seen the same thing on mine (Arrow pipe and re-map) a couple of really random times. I ride two-strokes a lot and have a habit of quick blips if I'm idling around with the clutch in, doing a u-turn or whatever. My 800 doesn't like that and will die or almost die on occasion. Luckily, hasn't been an issue, just something I'm more aware of than anything else.
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