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So here is my engine stalling story. I've not posted about this yet because I was giving Triumph the benefit of the doubt, hoping they could make this right. My patience has finally run out! This could get a little long, please bear with me. Got my Tiger 800 on a Tuesday in May. Headed out the following Friday with a group of friends for a long 4 day weekend and a trip to the mountains. On the first day while leaving a stop light, would give the bike some gas and it would just die. At first I thought I was just not used to the bike and needed more practice with a new bike. This happened several times and I new it was not me. We got a little rain shower and the group pulled into a parking lot to put on our rain gear. While sitting in the parking lot with the bike in neutral, twisted the throttle, engine dies. Definitely not me! Something is wrong here. Continued the ride for the weekend, loving the bike, loving the way it rides, handles, the motor, comfort, perfect bike for me, except for the stalling issue which persisted. Got home from the trip with about 600 miles on the bike. Took it in to the dealer for the first service the next weekend. Rode the bike to the dealer, had no stalling issues for that ride, about 50 miles. I had already let the dealer know about the stalling issue before then. Asked them to check it out. Was waiting at the shop for the first service to be complete when one of the workers there came to me and said, I need to give you the bad news about your bike. She said one of the technicians was test riding the bike after the service. Went to take off, the bike started to stall, then surged forward and the technician layed the bike down. Could not keep it under control. They ended up replacing the left side mirror, turning signal, clutch lever that was broken, bar end and ordered a new left side pannier to replace the one they had damaged. So here I am with a brand new bike, less than 1000 miles and had been wrecked. I am not happy! They tell me that they have downloaded the newest tune and that everything is fixed. No more stalling issues. I head out to the parking lot, start the bike up, put on my riding gear, pull the clutch in, give it some gas and the engine dies. I start the bike up again, leave it in neutral, give it some gas, the engine dies. I am not happy. At this point I've been at the dealer for over 3 hours. I tell them I am not riding this bike home, it needs to be fixed. They give me a Tiger 1050 as a loaner bike and I head home. The next week the owner of the dealership rides my 800 to where I work and drops it off. Apparently there was a new tune from Triumph they downloaded that fixed all the problems. I say great, thank you and head back into work. I leave work that evening and on my way home the bike stalls 4 more times! A 12 mile ride home, 4 stalls!!!! Stop at a stop light, the light turns green, I give the bike gas, the engine dies. Nothing has been fixed, I am not happy! When I finally made it home, took a video just to document the problem. Link below. Had to go out of town for work, when I got home, hauled the bike back to the dealership in the back of my truck. Two weeks later I get a call from the dealership. They say that I am welcome to come pick my bike up, but they have not fixed the problem. I say no! I will not pick the bike up until is fixed. They say Triumph is working on the problem, that it is a fuel mapping issue. There is not a fix at this time. The dealer has been in contact with Triumph North America and Triumph in the UK. There is no resolution, my bike can not be fixed. I am not happy. I have called the North American Triumph headquarters and spoken to customer service. They say they will get in touch with my dealer and work something out. The Tiger has now been at the dealership for over 3 weeks with no resolution. Most of the talk here has been about tunes and updates to fix stalling issues. I was told that my bike had a fuel mapping issue, but last week received an email from the dealer saying they are going to replace the throttle bodies, but of course, they have to order them from the UK. Not sure when the parts will be here. I am not happy! So, I have a bike that apparently can not be fixed. Customer service at Triumph North America is no longer returning my calls. What should I do? Legally, I can invoke the lemon law and get a new bike or full refund. I don't want to resort to that. Why will Triumph not do the right thing and just say we owe you a new motorcycle. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. What do I do now?

Lemon Law! I would not hesitate for 1 second to use the Lemon Law. You paid a lot of money for a bike to work correctly!
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