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Day 4 : 25th April : Aoreora - Smara

alarm didn't ring....

crappy cell phone..
wake in a rush, as a result of sleeping in a rush
pack things up
quick breakfast
throw sand at everybody trying to reach control de depart
line up at control de depart


fairly easy sandy climb
not so fairly easy after 100 guys (and gals) gone through it
First kms of... rock

(we're a bit lost ain't we!?)
Small navigational error, corrected at next waypoint, a military outpost composed by a tent and 3 soldiers extremely bored as a college girl at a nun's party.
Lunch in TanTan
"that camel was this big!"

Got a bit of mud when crossing a small water stream... bigger challenge than expected!

Great tracks!

My friend Andre decided to test HP2's crash resistance
quite good results indeed (no pic)

what can we say about these landscapes....

(Yes, roadbook was incorrectly assembled... rushing things causes this, didn't got lost...too many times)
Another great view at the landscape

It's not just another dirt track, rock or sand, it is a constant flow of landscapes, places, spots, holes, that demand for our attention, like a constant feeling something is pulling us onto something special, for a photograph, not one, two, three, too many, or simply hit the ground due to the total absence of concentration in driving when staring at these places.

Some fast tracks

Impossible to go slow
that 950 is always eager to go faster
heavy military base
small stop to help a french guy on a quad... he helped in the first stage when i had a puncture... gotta be there for the others too
on track again
More fast tracks

Open desert

"did you see the guy back there??"
"what guy? (obviously not)"
"filming back there, i went straight at him, full gas, and at about 10 meter did a heavy left turn sliding like crazy, unfortunatly i think i threw a ton of dust at him... "
"really? i wanna be part of that film too"
Another 12 kms untill end of stage

Arriving at Smara
Wash that early morning crossing mud

Some even had extra foam... don't know what for, they seemed not realising there would be a 500 km stage next morning....
Arrive at bivouac

Yes, 108, that's me!

Skinny nurse, too skinny, too white, half french saying Andre had a broken shoulder, yeah bmw gear is resistant, but Andre was not as much as BMW
well, nothing was broken afterall
she was just looking for some quality time with him, providing special care
gear out, get tent: 2 seconds, done
All those rocks and the horrifying sight of repairing a puncture on my 950 while baking at the desert sun contributed to my decision to get a bib mousse at the front wheel

Robert, how long?: 1 heur (1 hour)
quick shower (cold....) but it felt great
Robert: ½ heur (half an hour)
Briefing... again french... wasn't expecting anything different
Control de depart opens at 06:30 .... ouch!
100 kms liaison
wake up expected to be at 4:30
get some fresh clothes
assemble next stage's roadbook
Robert: ¼ hour
At this pace I think i'll have the front wheel ready by 7 am....
Vegetable soup, when we're tired, it tastes even better
chicken... a rare sight in Morocco
Robert, where's my wheel?????????
C'est fini!
assemble wheel
assemble roadbook
final checks
"Andre, you're coming with us tomorrow?"
"It depends on how i feel when i wake up"
"wake up is in 3,5 hours"
"Get that bike ready for the possibility of you defenetly wanting to do the stage."
Good night!!
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