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Part Tres

And finally here is Part Three of the index:
Links Useful to the Few

WTF is going on with the index?!?
Requesting Feedback on the Thread Index's Reorganization

1. Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

Oil drain plug stripped. Any tips?

LC-4 shimming the crankshaft

HELP!! F**KED my LC4 cam

It's a sad day in my garage... – WageSlave’s garage that is, repairing piston rings.

Improved 640ADV c/s sprocket cover

Which Cylinder Base Gasket?

Motochondriacs Anonymous
Hearing your valves going out of specs

LC4E, BST40, jet4power – potatoho’s machinations

2006 640 Adventure - Chain Guide/Fin

Finding TDCC the Old Fashioned Way

dirtrider’s Larger Displacement Yeah, he’s a big bore…
Big Bore LC4, 660, 700?

LC4 Rocker Arm Shimin' Discussion
LC4 rocker arms

lc4 clutch hub grooves

Lateral play: LC4 Countershaft. How much is too much?

Which Sprockets?
LC4 Sprocket Choices
LC4 Chain and Sprockets
640ADV Sprockets and Chain Q
640 Counter Sprocket Question

Which Chain? And how Long?
640 Chain Recommendations

Third Oil Filter?
Third Oil Filter on an LC4

KTM Oil Cooler
Oil cooler for KTMs

Evans Coolant Thread
Evans coolant dilemma
03 LC4 640 Radiator overflow tube STINKS!
LC4 coolant capacity/Draining?
Evans coolant

Upgrading the Lower Chain Guide (pp 117-118 thanks rjf!)

03 640 adv fan switch

Cycle Improvements tech tips

EXTERNAL LINK: tech tips

2. Carburetion, Exhaust and Other Highly Contested Subjects

LC4 Adv. normal fuel range...? – already indexed?

Staintune slip-on for High Flow 640a - setup info

Fuel Injection conversion!?!

Rallye Tank Thread or just say Braaap! and Make your own

Meat! SW Motech racks braaap!’s rear fuel tanks

3. Chassis (Bodywork) and Controls (Cockpit)

625 SXC new 18L tank/seat install

2007 640A trip rating

Aftermarket clutch perch for lc4 Adventure?

KTM windshield for LC4's and Adv.

Scotts damper relocation on an LC4E?

Quick release (Dzus fitting) seat for KTM 640

LC4 Starting Tricks?

Anti-Fog Masks
Anti-fog mask...

Thumper Helmets
Thumper Helmets?

Body Armor
Body Armor???

and Scotty's Touratech Rallye Cockpit Conversion
640 Adventure cockpit mods

Tank Repair Threads
Question on KTM's tank material
Using P-Tex candles for bodywork repair?
lc4 fuel tank empty sender
A question for all of you connoisseurs of aesthetics...
Plastic gas tank repair.....

Anyone Wanna Remove Your Petcock???
640 adv petcock

Installing XM Radio by sherpa

RevLoc for LC4 is here!!!

"Euro" H.L./Blink/Horn Switch

4. Electrical

HIDs on a 640 thread?? – additional info

KTM 640a Voltmeter

KTM LC4 - Aux. Lights – enduro model

IndyTim’s new 640 Adventure – euro light conversion?

My clock has vanished!!!

LC4 stator upgrade?

Buckster's Machinations
(Batteries and Spark Plugs)
640 Adv battery
640 Adv Spark plug

Trail Tech Vapor How To Install

5. Suspension and Wheels and Brakes

[B] Servicing the Rear Shock WP 4861

replacing rear wheel bearing.

Help with dual star side stand – weld-on tab issues

LC4 Hardened Wheel Bushings?

Who makes the best 17 inch knobbies? – SM to dirt with 17” rims!

Progressive rear spring on 640 Adv???

LC4 Suspension options – Sommer KTM’s spring rate recommendations

ATF as Fork Oil???
WP fork expert needed

6. Other

*The* Thumper Forum Bedliner thread (mergefest)...

Ktm Color Formula Jade Orange And All Other Motorcycle Colors

KTM 625 SXC vs 640 Adventure

Best lift stand for a thumper?

LC4 Longevity Contest (odometer says?)
lc4 odometer. who has the most miles?
The KTM LC4 Reliability research thread

LC4 (640) Models and Model Year Differences
Up-to-date: KTM 640 LC4 Adventure changes between model years – LukasM’s HitList
Looking on info about LC4 Adventure year to year changes
Considering a KTM 640 adventure
KTM LC4 Enduro Model History
What's the difference:2002,3,4 Ktm640 adv
Model Changes for 2005 640 Adv
KTM 620/640 E/GS Adventure History
KTM Clarification??????????
Ktm 640 03,04,05
from another similar thread
KTM 640 Rallye info ??

LC4 Race Bikes
Factory Baja LC4

2002 and 2003 KTM Factory Brochures
The '03 KTM LC4 factory brochure is available

Acclimate or Die
The Ultimate Adventure Accessory?

Notorious Bikez and Riderz

DirtyVFR’s Mothership
The MotherShip

Scotty's Orange Katoom
Lots Of Orange and an Akrapovic exhaust

Flyshop's 640 Adventure
2003 Ktm 640 Adv.r

Boyscout's Review
Boyscout! Tell us more about the KTM

External Links The Flanimals' Beast
Flanny’s Site is Gone…

External Link Jerome's Worldly 640 Home Page
Fred's Biking Adventures

External Link Yet another round the world LC4

External Link Hiroyuki 640 webpage
KTM diary
(translation by Google)
from: I am Japanese.

Gunnerbuck's Picked up a 640 Project....

Tseta's 2003 KTM 640 LC4 Adventure Rebuild (HOWDID)

640 A @ 25,000 miles with the mods/improvements – WildHorseRider’s bike

My personal 640 Adventure Odyssey, or my poor attempt of copying Pyndon – Odyssey’s rebuilding work

OldDog’s 660 Rallye Rebuild

Pez Gs’s 660 Rallye Rebuild

KTM 660 Rally build (or is it Rallye, Ralleye ) – Passmore’s rally(e)

Trevor S 640 Adv Cockpit Project

Its winter.....Time to upgrade the Desert Camel – Zerodog’s bike

whups...(the rebirth of an LC4) – dorkpunch’s ride

My 640 makeover - mike cramb's ride

625sxc, A story of two tails. - FatBoyCrash's SXC upgrades

Only LC4 pics - Adventure, Enduro or Supermoto

Real Photos of a KTM 640a
Real Photos of a KTM 640 Adventure

NorCal LC4 Riders
'06 KTM LC4 Tech Daze (WEST - NorCal)
Tech Daze I?

Puget Sound LC4 Riders
LC4 Head count in Puget Sound

One last thing: just in case you think your gear or bike isn’t up to the challenge -
The original adventure riders (and bikes!)
Guess what, its not the gear…
Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen LC4 640

Its not so much staying alive; its staying human that counts.

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