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Glad I could help. The 6 5/8 was from the outside of the sproket to the outside of the disc, and I pulled the tape from the chain so its probably close to 6 1/2. Do you need the true hub width? If so tomorrow I can pull the wheel off and get a true measurment.

Let me know

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That is potentially super helpful, thanks. However, to make sure we're on the same page, let me clarify:

I just measured from the right edge of the sprocket to the right edge of the rotor. All I did was stick a tape measure (or a ruler) through the wheel, put the end up against the sprocket's "inside" face (not the chain, the sprocket itself), and then read out what the dimension was to the far edge of the rotor. On my 2006 TE it is about 6.25 inches. Here's a picture:

Alternatively, I also measured from the outside of the rotor to the outside of the sprocket (the "widest" measurement between the two), and that was a bit over 6 1/2, could probably be darn close to your 6 5/8. Can you clarify what your "sprocket to disc" measurement was? Inside spacing? Outside spacing? Centerline spacing?

Huge thanks again for the help!!
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