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Day 5 : 26th April : Smara - Icht

Alarm was set up for 04:30
didn't rang...
Lucky was i because i woke up earlyer

Next stage was 400 kms plus a liaison of 100kms
It's still dark
All we can see is a bunch of bright white lights going back and forth, packing things up
Get all the luggage to the truck
Breakfast, 05:00
No coffee... for some, the raid almost ended right there
Morocan pancake
bread & Tea
Sandwichs for the long day ahead,
Giant dishes of fries (!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?)
And they are cold!?!?!?
Wha was the morocan that cut all those fries and noone eat them?
Fire up!
still dark... and cold.

Very cold
arrive at control de depart
it's dawn

Final road book setup
Many already on their way

In horizon, traces of dust fade away
shall we go?
we go!

Huge dry lake
For some unknown reason i almost hit the single rock that was stuck in the middle of that perfectly plain surface while trying to take a few photographs while riding
End of the dry lake and smooth surface
Here comes rock!
more and more Kms of rock... rock... rock... rock....
Now i have a bib mousse in the front wheel... who cares about rocks, lets go fastr!
Really nice fast pace

Several stops for the scenery photograph
Again, kms and kms of dazling landscape
Somewhere in previous evening briefing Mr. Sinet told there was this area that looked like a really nice track, but it was advisable to go along near the cliffs as the surface would suddenly turn into mud.... the slippery one, good for crahsing and have bikes stuck.

Of course we understood and acknowledged the instruction
No... not really..

Andre again...
i noticed that area was recommeded to be avoided but he couldn't listen to me, when i got close to him, he thought i was pushing, so went faster.... well, the usual!

Really slippery!

Another dry lake
breathtaking landscapes

another dry lake
there's a good spot to take a few photographs
no rear brake!!!
the rear brake fluid reservoir window glass went south...
Keep going only on front brake
Fast track

Another 10 kms untill there's a road

more rocks!
big rocks!
surfaced road...
36 degress
Now i lost the camelback tube valve... WTF!?!?!?!?!!
let's have luch!
we're full, let's go
Whoever didn't arrive at segment 103 by 17:00 would have to go straight to the end of the stage by road
Segment 103 was the entry point for some kind of special track, usually closed by the military, forbidden, and it was allowed us to ride it
Special track
Just shy 50 kms to go...
rocks... all of it
Good pace
real unfriendly place
weird clutch
950 Scooter, seems like the clutch isn't engaging..
After dozens of rocky kms... a f#cked up oued, just for endng surprise
clutch even weirder
get out of that oued..
Control de arrivé
Nice welcoming comite...
No, not those bikes... who cares about bikes!? this chick with a great tan, burnette, wearing shorts, tight shirt...

Hot bath!
Morocan scrambled eggs, teat, coke to get some strength, it was a very long day
truck arrives, lets get some tools and see whats wrong with the 950 clutch
Little tech session with the 950, some of us helped, some helped to the confusion, all of them participated..
The main shfat locking nut that secures the clutch basket got loose and starting to push the moving basket, so the clutch wouldn't engage...
"did you guys used loctite?" (someone asked after i returned from a test drive)
let's hope for the best..

Clutch repaired

rear brake fluid reservoir window repaired too... yes it is a 1 cent or 2 cent coin, then was applied 2 copound past to secure it. Still holding today!

Another few repair on the 650X
pack things up
Get some sleep, sun comes up in a few minutes... again!
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