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Originally Posted by ktmMike View Post
Hi George!
Have you decided to buy a 990?
Since I don't have a dyno, I can't really tell you how much power is gained,
but you will definitely feel a difference with Akras.
All the KTM's I have owned since 2001 had stock silencers that feel like they are choking the life and the power right out of the bike because they are not free flowing enough.
Opening up the stock silencers, or replacing them with freer flowing silencers like Akras made a world of difference in the feel of the power of all those bikes.
On the 990, I am using the old style 950 Adventure Akras , because that's what I just happened to have around the shop at the time, and actually, I do like that old look better.
I have used them with and without baffles, and both feel much better than stock. All the above changes were slip on or bolt on silencers, no full systems.



Hey mike.
I have wanted it since the day I rode it just needed to figure out how to pay for am close to pulling the triigger that's why I wanted to know about exhaust since my dealer usually will install and remap for me at time of purchase...I kept trying to convince myself to get a less expensive alternative but the ktm kept coming back as the bike I wanted..I talked to my dealer once but price was too far from the price I saw you posted so I will go back to see if we can close that price gap some more...I will let you know when I do...
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