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The Spartan Way - Peloponnese Peninsula on two Africa Twins

Ancient Spartans were known not only for their military discipline, but for their simple and unluxurious way of life. The travellers involved in this report can only be described by the latter.

This report will unfold with ridiculous detail a four-day, long awaited (by us), poorly executed (by all accounts) and enormously rewarding ride that took place from the 1st to the 4th of July 2011.

So, without further a ado, get ready for....

Bike Porn

Spectacular Nature

Ancient Sites

Venetian Castles

Picturesque Villages

Beautiful Beaches

Puker moments

Starry Nights


I'll try to finish this as quickly as I can, but, as those 4 days have put my work a bit (too much) behind, I'd suggest you subscribe to get the updates fresh out of the oven...
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Peloponnese Peninsula on two Africa Twins
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