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The standard engine protection plate is some type of plastic but actually quite solid.

It does very little to protect the oil filter and sides of the engine though so an upgrade was in order. I went for the SW Motech plate because it provides good protection for the oil filter, wraps around the cases nicely and also has a lip at the back to offer some protection for the shock linkage.

Continuing on in the Motech catalogue, I bought a set of crash bars too. I quite like the look of the geniune Triumph ones but I prefer the way the SW Motech version mounts to the frame at the top and provides some side impact protection for the radiator and tank.

The next port of call was the radiator. Seeing as though it is in the flight path from the front wheel, it got the Touratech treatment. I am also hoping that a fender extension at the front will stop a bit of the debris flicking its way.

Concerned about the amount of mud thrown at the rear shock I have also ordered a universal shock protector from Acerbis. I haven't had a chance to mount it yet but I have seen some pictures on the UK Tiger site and looks like it will do the job nicely.

The last thing on the protection front (for the moment) was a SW Motech Resevoir cover. For no other reason than it was cheap and I thought it looked trick.

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