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Originally Posted by pnoman View Post
Can't wait to see the rest. Nice photos & I like your writing style. This report looks to be a great one.
Thank you for your kind words, I'm sure I'll let you down as well down the line, but it's nice to know that those who haven't met me in person think that I'm capable of greatness...

Originally Posted by ghallas View Post
I hope the morgue gets better pictures of me than you do
FYYSF (Fuck You You Sabbatical Fuck). Go bake your tits at a beach noob, and when you get back at work you can resume feeling embarrassed by this RR...

Originally Posted by thleon View Post
Yani, I start feeling lucky the fact I didn't make it to participate in that trip
Your English is barely adequate to pick up tourists at Plaka (kamaki level), have fun polishing that F800GS at your garage, make sure your drool doesn't run on your keyboard reading this, and know that you weren't missed at all...
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