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Great thread!

Danny, since you've obviously been beating on your XC a fair amount already, would be interested in your take on any clunking/clacking your XC makes in the rough stuff. I've been chasing what sounds like a sharp metal-on-metal clack on mine when hammering holes, whoops, and rocks. I thought it was the centerstand, but after some testing last night, I'm thinking it's good old chain slap now. The slider on the XC is a fairly complex piece compared to standard dirt bike stuff. Seems like they've went overboard to potentially quiet chain noise only to not accomplish it.

Just did about a 1000 miles of gravel, sand, and dirt and your observations are spot on with what I've been seeing. The fork is a really nice set up. The shock isn't bad, but with panniers, I'm wishing I could dial in more compression.

Was washing the bike last night and was scratching my head trying to figure out how all that mud got on the bottom of the triple... I think I'll go the extension route and try that.
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