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Originally Posted by Guyver View Post
I said I wasn't criticizing.. Read above? I said I was trying to understand why? Your saying it's because it's more challenging riding a heavy bike in the dirt?


No, I'm saying it's because that is the intended purpose of the 800 XC.

I'm still on the fence about buying one, myself.
My 1050 Tiger absolutely rules on the street, my KLR is a good compromise for the street and trail, and my TE 610 is an awesome trail bike.

It would be nice to have a bike that can handle moderate trails and still be comfortable at 80mph on the journey home, I guess. It's a long, slow ride home from Moab / Colorado / Baja on a KLR.

And it does take more technical ability to ride a big, heavy, powerful machine on challenging terrain.
I couldn't ride it on a 950 Adv., so I sold it.
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