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To answer the question of which bluetooth dongles work with the SRC, I'm using a Rocketfish
Model: RF-MBT30 that I got from Best Buy.

It works fine when hooked up to my iPod. It even allows me to go to the next song or back by hitting the volume buttons on the SRC. I spoke with Michael Talarico at Schuberth USA and he said that the Rocketfish was one of the better ones.

I was (still am) having a problem after an intercom session, the dongle (iPod) goes into pairing mode and I have to restart the iPod to hear the music again. Mike mentioned that I should be able to just tap the mobile button, but that doesn't work for me (and this dongle).

I also read on a posting that by holding down the volume up button, you will start to hear the iPod again. This works but the A & B buttons don't stop flashing, which would probably lower battery life.

I was concerned that my wifes helmet (passenger) couldn't pair to the dongle correctly, ends up only 1 helmet can pair to it at at time, but Mike said maybe possible firmware updates will fix this.

If anybody has another solution (hack) for getting the dongle to pair after an intercom session-I'd appreciate hearing it.
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