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Continuing from above... ADV doesn't like more than a few pictures..

Gear is as follows

sockets, wrenches, allen set
tire repair kit, spoons
air compressor
chain repair kit
electric repair kit
first aid kit

Giant Loop Coyote
Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag - Small
*(I like the GL better, they only had this in stock though in Anchorage)
SeattleSports Dry bags (one for each sleeping bag)
Overboard waterproof backpack (Got in Anchorage)
Two 1/2L, one 1L steel water bottles
Collapsible fishing pole, tackle
Penny stove (Steverstove) with Heet fuel
MSR seagull cooking pot, steel bowl
Steripen water purifier w/ prefilter
-15F poly sleeping bag for me, down bag for wife
OR bivy sac with bug net
Cheap $25 walmart dome tent (didn't want to lug my good tent on the bike)
Twin size inflatable mattress
Folding camp saw
Milepost 2011 (pages)
2M/70CM Ham radio
Flashlights, spare batteries
Chargers for camera, phone, GPS
Weeks worth cooking food
Snacks and power bars

Three days clothes
Home-wired heated riding jacket
fleece top
fleece pants
long johns
Grundens rain gear
waterproof socks
18" Hiking boots
Gaiters Crocs
1 pair summer riding gloves
2 pair spring riding gloves
1 pair winter riding gloves

Wife brought similar clothes

We had a LOT of stuff. The plan was to ride the ferry along the inside passage from Bellingham to Haines, AK. There we would get off, ride 1,000mi to Anchorage where she would fly home. I continue on solo, eventually to Dust2Dawson and then home along the Cassiar highway through Canada.

So it begins...

Waiting in Bellhingham for the Ferry. It wasn't cheap.. $1200 for the two of us and bike.. they don't give a break for bikes in pricing :foul: but I didn't want to ride up 2-up the whole way as we hadn't rode much 2up, especially with this much gear on the bike.

waiting in line with other riders

Leaving the dock... here we go

For those who travel the ferry.... this is the best spot... the sundeck, in the middle toward the windows.. I had my wife go onboard with the passengers and save this spot. by the time us riders had got on the boat, pretty much everything was taken except the floor or tenting on the outside deck.
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