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Originally Posted by markbvt View Post
Excellent stuff!

Now that I've finished wearing out the Battlewings my XC came with, I'm about to put more aggressive tires on, and also need to add the skid plate and crash bars.

I too rotated the handlebar forward in the clamps, which helped immensely, and recently added a set of the SW Motech 20mm risers. Handlebar position is now quite comfortable, and I don't have to hunch over too far when standing.

G'Day Mark,

How do you find the bars now when sitting? I find it a bit of reach sometimes and this puts weight on my wrists which I am not fussed on. Did the the risers bring them back much, or were you able to roll the bars back a little with the risers? Risers would be an easy fix and I was going to go that way but was concerned the bars were just too straight to be comfortable?


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