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Hey guys,

First of all thanks for the outstanding service. Now for a question regarding a warm mid layer.

I am heading to Iceland in a couple of weeks for a moto trip and need to pick up a warm midlayer to wear under my RP2 jacket. Would like something not too bulky, definitely windproof and wearable of the bike for dual duty. I really like the aesthetics of Ranger jacket, but am afraid it it will be a little bulky as from the pics/video it looks like it is cut a little big, true? Are there any advantages of the Ranger of the Digital other than the Gore branding? I like the Upsilon, honestly the only thing I don't like is the big bright logo int the back, I noticed the Ranger is subdued. Not necessarily a show stopper but don't like walking around like a billboard. WIll you guys get any more Omega in and how does that stack up against the Ranger?

Thanks again for the great shop and outstanding service, keep up the good work.

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