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Originally Posted by Taz1200 View Post
Yes he will..that's why I wanted to buy from him any accessories he installs free for me if you buy it when you buy bike...I told them no baffles and they will map it to that...I know it sounds awesome that way but just hope its not too loud to get harrassed...
Not extremely loud without the baffles,
but then I have gotten used to earplugs for the SMC,
and so I just go ahead and use them for both bikes.

Check out the accessory crashbars while you are at it.
They don't look bad for crashbars.
I pitched mine UP a mountain uphill left-hander backwards,
(gravel dust on grainy pavement, not visible at any distance, you know the hazards down here in Southern Appalachia),
and the crashbars did their job.
Picked it up and rode away just like on the SMC
(except the barkbusters seem to take the brunt of it on that bike).

And look at the accessory shock-preload-adjuster too.
Yeah, does that come in handy!
I installed mine myself, but then I have the spring compressors to do it.
If he will install that for free, you should jump on it.
Make sure you tell the mechanic that the lower shock mount has
spreadable bushings so he doesn't beat 'em up trying to work it back in.
It's a really GOOD TIGHT fit when it's all bolted back together and torqued.

If you are going to install ANY of your own accessories, buying from most dealers is usually most expensive.
Am I aloud to post the best place to buy KTM parts and accessories?
or is that against the rules?


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