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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
I would think their target audience would be more interested in long term savings, than being able to by the cool toy AND pay rent. If I had the need and the means, I'd gladly pay the larger 1time for the smaller recurring. Otherwise, you have phone plans, that cost 100$ a month for what ultimately costs 20$ a month or less in overhead.

If they really wanted to break into the market, vendors make it more accessible to the masses, but that will ultimately drive pricing down and let everyone have a sat phone. I don't see the market asking for that just yet.

Just using round numbers, and IMO and all that.
I just got my SPOT device and it was part of a recall from last year. WTF!??!? Then I started reading more reviews on the SPOT device and it is getting panned.

I returned it and will wait for the DeLorme device even if it is more expensive. I have an existing heart issue which is why I want the device when I travel out of cell phone range. I can't mess around with 'I hope it works'.
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