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I tried on the Fly hemet at Iron Pony. It fit me extremely well for the brief time I had it on. I also tried on a Shoei, but the shape is all wrong for me. I ended up buying a Joe Rocket Hybrid, because of the rounder more standard shape and the fact that it is an HJC, which has historically fit me very well - and it did. I would have gone with the Fly, but the angular shape just wasn't doing it for me. But I think it's pretty darn good in general.

I was checking the shield distortion at the point, for reference. Seems they all have the visors a bit low when flipped and also have some distortion at the point where it contacts the chin bar, but so what. That is where I glance at the speedo and tach so it isn't some major disturbance at this point.

As for glasses, I do make sure the frames fit in helmets before buying the frames. But that won't do jack for glasses you already own. I have read where people are disassembling the cheek pads, trimming foam, and reassembling them with good results both for fit and for glasses.
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